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Radiology Reports

Direct Access to Radiologist Expertise

Voxelreaders provide a secure portal to upload your CBCT scans and othet 2D images and communiace direcly with your radiologist about your quetsions or concerns.

Swift service

The CBCT scans and other 2D images are evaluated in timely manner and we strive to provide you with the radiology reports in 2-3 bussiness days. we also provide rush service that enables you to receive the report by the end of next bussiness day.

We beleive in Team Effort, we consult with each other on the complicated/ complex cases to ensure we dont miss on any pertinent information that could impact the treatment plan of your valued patient.

Radiology Reports are designed to concisely address the clinical questions.

Radiology Reports Pricing

Cone Beam CT interpretation --- $85

Cone Beam CT interpretation comparative report:---$85

Panoramic image and Intraoral radiograph interpretation---$50

Rush Fees---additional $20 

Turn around time is 2-3 bussiness days

The  radiology report pricing applies to CT/ CBCT imaging and 2D images. It also includes the comparative scan analysis (prior scan read by voxelreaders or a new scan comparisions)

Implant Measurments

We provide ridge height and width measurements of the potential implant sites and  third party software directed virtual  dental implant  placement to assist with visualization and planning.

CBCT Imaging Objective

We request you to give us all the pertinent clinical and medical infomation and the clinical purpose for the CBCT scan so that we could provide you the detailed CBCT scan report, relevant to your patient treatment planning.

Click the links below to review the smaple radiology reports preapred for the specifical clinical purpose

Image Portfolios 

Coming Soon

Image Portfolios visually communicate the imaging goals to you and your patient.